Camp Questions

Can I participate in more than one event?
No, campers can only participation in one event.

Can I bring electronics to camp? – Can you talk to your horse on a phone?
Please leave your devices at home, if you have your phone you will be asked to turn it off and leave if with a counselor or camp director for the duration of camp. Emergency calls will be made by the camp director.

Can I bring my dog to camp?
No. Dogs are not allowed for campers.

Can I leave to get food or beverages?
No. Campers are not allowed to leave camp.

Can I have outside food and beverages brought to me at camp?


Is there a dress code for the Rodeo performance?
Yes. Long sleeved shirts, boots, cowboy hat and jeans.

Is there a camp lost and found?
Yes. Anything turned in during camp will be at the reception/sign in table. Check with your counselor if no one is at the table to look for it. After camp, contact us at 620-521-1949.

Can I have my friends stop by and visit me at camp?

Should I bring my own sunscreen to camp?

Can I go home to shower during camp?
No. Showers are provided.

Can I go home at night to sleep during camp?

Can I bring a camper/motorhome or horse trailer to sleep in at night?
All campers are required to sleep in designated areas, horse trailers can be parked in designated areas at the fairgrounds to keep your tack and feed in during camp.

Can my Parents stop by camp?
Parents are encouraged to come to the rodeo performance on the final day of camp, if they need to come for other reasons please have them contact Randy at 620-521-1949 prior to arrival.

If I have a Doctor’s appointment will I be allowed to leave camp?
Yes. But it must be pre-arranged and a parent needs to check in with camp staff before leaving.

Do I have to go to Chapel?

Do I have to participate in the team building games?

Is the camp staff background checked?
Yes, background checks are done on all camp staff/volunteers.

If I drive myself to camp is it ok if I leave when I want to?
No. Security of people coming and going is strictly enforced. Campers are not allowed to leave camp at any time unless for emergency or medical reasons and arranged by their parent/guardian. Campers must be picked up by parent/guardian and checked out with camp staff.

Can I come to camp if I don’t want to participate in an event?
No. Due to the limited space and the number of campers who want to participate, campers must be in an event.

Can I still come to camp if I can’t come the first day?
Campers must check in on the first day of Camp, special considerations may be allowed if approved by director before camp.

Can I leave the sleeping area after lights out?

Do the girls and boys sleep in the same area?
No. There are rooms/buildings for boys and girls.

Horse Questions

Are horses provided for me at camp?
You are required to bring your own horse unless you are in these events: Chute dogging – Horseless Horse (a limited number of horses are available, you may be required to take turns).

Can I bring more than one horse to camp?
No. Campers can only bring one horse per person. Stalls for horses are limited.

Can my parents drop by to take care of my horse?
No, campers must take care of their own horse. Exception is in the case of a medical situation with the horse and the parent has checked in with the camp staff.

Do I feed and water my horse?
Yes. Campers are required to take care of their own horses, feeding and watering them. It can be hot during the camp, campers should water and check their horses water throughout the day and refill as needed.

Do I have to clean my horses stall?
Yes. Stalls are required to be kept clean, at least twice a day. Stalls will be checked by camp staff. It is your responsibility to completely shovel out all bedding and manure from the stall before leaving camp.

Do I need to bring feed for my horse?
Yes. Bring enough hay and grain for 4+ days, a feed dish and a large water bucket. Other campers and instructors may be available to assist.

Am I required to bring my own brushes (grooming gear) and fly spray?
Yes. Sunscreen is also recommended for horses that burn and you may want fly mask for your horse while it’s stalled.

Am I required to bring my own tack?
Yes. Campers provide all their own tack. Horseless horse participants do not need to bring tack.

If my horse gets hurt during camp will I be allowed to bring in another horse?