Top 10 things to do at Rodeo Bible Camp

10. Wear sunscreen – Bring it wear it and like it, it’s way more fun than looking like a lobster and peeling like an onion.

9. Drink lots of H20 – Stay hydrated feeling good and drinking lots of water will help you have energy to rodeo like a rock star. And be sure to water your horse…they are thirsty too.

8. Bring something soft to sleep on – Some campers enjoy a good laugh after lights out but if you want to catch ultimate Zzzzzs or be able to walk in the morning, bring an air mattress or cot so you don’t have to sleep on a hard floor.

7. Leave your devices at home – there’s nothing like a good old fashioned conversation, person to person, living and breathing humans are much more engaging than social media.

6. Enjoy the experience – Soon you’ll be all grown up and have responsibilities, enjoy being a kid and participate as a camper while you can!

5. Be ready to learn – If you’re not learning you’re dead so be ready to listen and learn new or even old methods for working on your rodeo skills.

4. Rise & Shine & Give God the Glory – It’s not every day you get to spend all riding your horse with new friends while practicing to become the next World Champion.

3. Try, try, try again – Rome wasn’t built in a day and champions in an hour, or two, or ten. Practice with intentional movements and consistency to channel the future rodeo star within.

2. Make friends – there is no need to hide in a shell, be the best version of you, everyone is different but everyone has something in common, horses and rodeo! Embrace each other’s unique talents and abilities.

1. Be ready to be changed – Camp can knock your socks off in ways you never expected, enjoy the ride!

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